This online space is the brainchild of our founder, Jet Li.

It is a special community platform that Jet Li built in order to share his passion for bringing the philosophies and lifestyle of Kung Fu to people all over the world. Kung Fu is about more than kicks and punches.

It is a lifestyle that is based on the principle that Kung Fu is perfected through time and dedication, that everyone should dream big, live with dedication to achieving their dreams, and give back to the world. Jet’s humble childhood was filled with dreams of learning martial arts. Through his commitment to this philosophy of Kung Fu, he went on to win 5 national Kung Fu championships, and eventually transition into his film career.

Currently, Jet Li is also devoting his energy to philanthropy work through his charitable projects— One Foundation and Taiji Zen. is not your average martial arts website. Here, you will find unique stories from around the world that address topics you won’t see anywhere else. This space was created by Jet Li and his team for YOU to get inspired and motivated to share your dreams.