We’ve all heard of Kung Fu masters that have gone through extensive training, adapting their mind and bodies to endure the most hard hitting attacks. We’ve heard of the power of honing one’s palms so strong, that they are as “hard as iron,” able to break through anything. Yet, out in the world there are those who have taken it to a degree further, testing the boundaries of human capability by conditioning the essence of their manhood with the art of ‘the iron crotch.’ 

Iron Crotch Training

Known in Chinese as Jiu Jiu Shen Gong, or the 99 Power Practice, Iron Crotch training has supposedly been around since ancient times. Shaolin Monks and Kung Fu masters would practice this art up in the mountains and temples, honing their self-defense endurance. It was believed that by doing this, it would not only strengthen one’s mind (I’d imagine preparing yourself to face a kick or punch to the groin would do that), but help tighten the lower abdomen and crotch area.

Not only was this believed to prevent damage to a highly vulnerable region, it apparently allowed the martial artist to achieve great hidden potential lying deep within.

Iron Crotch Masters

Back in 2001, the world was welcomed to this seemingly dangerous, peculiar form of training when a group of students trained in the art of the Iron Crotch demonstrated a spectacular, jaw-dropping feat. Three men demonstrated to the world this was no laughing matter. They tied ropes to their genitalia and together, pulled a giant truck a meter across a parking lot. What made this even more outrageously ballsy was that the truck had been loaded with 100 passengers, adding onto the already immovable weight. Upon completion, people scratched their heads baffled. Everybody wondered just how such a thing could be done without ripping or damaging such important goods.

It was later revealed that these bold, brave men were all students to a man named Grandmaster Tu – an Iron Crotch master who had trained in the art for over 40 years. Astonished and amazed, with slight, yet obvious skepticism, the world’s curiosity grew. And so, in 2007, Grandmaster Tu made his way to the Palm Spring Air Museum in US, California where he would demonstrate the power of his iron crotch. Although a bit light compared to his previous acts, Grandmaster Tu planned to pull a P-51 Mustang plane (weighs about 8000 pounds) using his crotch alone. And just as expected, he managed to do so without losing anything important.

Ever since, more examples of Iron Crotch masters have popped up in the media here and there. Another prominent example was of an Iron Crotch master named Master Wei Yaobin. At the ripe age of 67, a video was released of him enduring multiple kicks in the groin without flinching or falling for a second. Trained in the art of the Iron Crotch for about 10 years, Master Wei has stated “I insist on doing it every day. I believe it builds up resistance and I have [gotten] less fever and colds than before.”

Why Iron Crotch?

Almost everybody – especially every man – that hears or reads of the stories outlining these insanely daring Kung Fu masters have the same one-worded question in mind: why? The idea of smashing a brick, fist, or anything for that matter into your crotch – whether it be for pride or display of bravery – is absolutely mind-boggling. Even the toughest warriors among men may opt out to do something less ballsy if given the choice. And yet, these Kung Fu masters – which typically have been shown to be in their 50’s up – are doing exactly that.

While they may appear out of their minds, there is apparently a more rational reason besides protecting your genitals in an attack. That reason would be to help prevent, and even possibly cure, sexual dysfunctional disorders. By training to develop the Iron Crotch, it is believed to help develop the lower abdominal region and male genitals, thereby strengthening the male body to conquer these disorders without the help of medication.

Some masters have even gone as far as to claim that it helps a man regain his lost sense of libido, and ultimately adds to the strength of his manhood. However, even with all these remarks, there hasn’t been any concrete medical evidence that suggests this to be true.

Don’t Try This at Home

Iron Crotch
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Whether it comes in the form of the confidence gained that no enemy can hurt the most vulnerable part of your body, or just the display of ‘iron endurance’ is what makes this act impressionable, Iron Crotch training is not for the faint of heart. Ever since it has been publicized by the media, there is a steady growing interest surrounding it, and it does not appear like it will disappear anytime soon.

However, even if one does choose to take on such gutsy training, it should be noted that obtaining the Iron Crotch, like any mastery of martial arts, requires years – if not decades – of training.

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