Taiji Demonstration Video

The Taiji symbol consists of a circle equally divided into black and white sections. The black represents “Yin” – the feminine, dark, passive, and negative aspects. The white represents “Yang” – the masculine, bright, active, and positive aspects.

Most people have the wrong perception that Yin Yang represent duality, or two of them are polar opposites: feminine-masculine, female-male, earth-heaven, down-up, soft-hard, internal-external, physical-spiritual, dark- bright, passive-active, and negative-positive.

But actually, both Yin and Yang are not always against each other. In fact, one cannot exist without the other, and neither is better than the other. Notice how both black and white colours are two equal sections, but there is a small white circle engulfed in the black and a small black circle engulfed in the white too.

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