GSD Grand Opening Match

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

Did you watch the GSD grand opening match yesterday? Just in case you missed it, let’s review the GSD opening match here together.

The two founders of GSD, Jack Ma and Jet Li, appeared on the ring of GSD. They respectively elaborated their understanding of Taiji from the aspects of sports culture and philosophy, and officially introduced the new sports IP, GSD (Gong Shou Dao).

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

Both of them said that the dream for GSD to be part of the olympics is not a matter of overnight success, and they may need the joint efforts of many generations.

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

To be familiar with the rules, the referees, coaches and competitors who participated in the opening game have been training for a period of time in advance. They were all wearing the unique competition outfit of GSD. There is also an unique code of conduct for GSD, which is : “Be Grateful, Be Responsible, Willing to Share, and Self-Sacrifce to Help Others.

Bruce Lee was the pioneer who introduced Chinese Kung Fu to the world, and his daughter Shannon Lee also sent blessings for the opening game.

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA
GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA
GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

Beside Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Wen Zhang and Natasha Liu, there were two heavyweight guests. They are Anthony Goh, Executive Vice President of IWUF, and Wu Bin (Jet Li and Wu Jing’s mentoring master), Vice President of Chinese Wushu Association.

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

On the opening match, the players were divided into team black and team white to compete against each other, the team who has the higher total points will win the match. Jack Ma served as the leader for team black while Jet Li served as the leader for team white. There were five professional group competitions, and the third group included female competitors, which left a deep impression on guests and spectators.

  • Rules: 1 game of 5 matches, 3 rounds per match, 2 minutes per round
  • Higher total scores of 5 matches wins the game
  • Full Rules here
GSD Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

Finally team black who was led by Ma, relied on the overwhelming advantage of men’s open weight class and won by 1 point, with a total score of 54. The winners received a ” GSD (Gong Shou Dao)” movie poster signed by Jack Ma and Jet Li.

GSD Grand Opening Match Taiji Jet Li Jack MA

After the grand opening match, we believed that most of you will have many questions and suggestions regarding GSD. However, just like what Jack Ma and Jet Li had said, “GSD is a new sport product that hopes to be promoted globally and favored by young people. GSD is still in the experimental stage. We value general public opinions and will constantly improve GSD based on your feedbacks.”

“Today GSD event is finally unveiled. Although it is very young, it still needs to be constantly improved in terms of rules and technologies. However, Jack Ma and I hope to start it now and push GSD to the world in constant exploration. We want to achieve the dream of the Chinese Wushu to be part of the Olympics. It is a dream that will take more than just the two of us to make it happen. If it does not happen in our time, then we hope the future generations will work to keep our dreams alive.  Thanks to all of you who participated in the opening game today to support GSD, also special thanks to all the teams, coaches, athletes, referees for your hard work in the last few months! Let’s pay tribute to Chinese martial arts! “

Please leave your comments and questions below, we will try to answer you as much as possible, thank you.


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  1. ALbar AnFionge says:

    very very Fantastic… Very well done JetLi… Congratulations

  2. Brendon McGrath says:

    When can we expect to see more about the rules? And video? I’m part of a large Kung Fu organisation in Australia and we’d love to be involved!

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