“Move slow to live longer, but act hyperactive to live better; to live longer and better can be compared to practicing Taijiquan  — either life or corporation shall move slow”. Alibaba Jack Ma .

Alibaba Jack Ma Debut on Gong Shou Dao

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Alibaba Jack Ma, will play Taiji on the big screen this time; he published a movie poster on his Weibo that he acts together with 11 action superstars such as Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Wu Jing, Gong Shou Dao film will be released in Nov.

According to Jet Li’s disclosure, Jack Ma and all movie stars are acting with zero remuneration, the main purpose of which is to promote Chinese martial art, make a contribution to salute predecessors, share Chinese culture with the whole world, and forward the confidence of Chinese culture. These superstars willing to participate in this movie are basic upon this motive and inspiration.

Jack calls himself as “playful”; he loves to sing, performs magic, and acts as cameo. Nevertheless, to hit the movie for Taiji is entirely different from the cameo. As a disciple of Master Wang Xi-an, the 19th generation descendant of the Chens’ Taiji, Jack was reported by media in 2009 going to establish a company of Taijizen International with Jet Li and shoot a thematic film of Taiji, so as to make every endeavor to promote the Taiji Culture.

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Now, Jack has referred to the national mood and global obligation in the 18th Anniversary Conference of Alibaba that inheriting GSD of Chinese outstanding tradition, perhaps, is an important footnote to promote and share with the world — the power and philosophy contained in Chinese culture.

On many occasions, he expressed that “No innovation on and pursuit of the culture, either individual or society, shall have no way to develop and progress”. It is a “Must” obligation for people of this generation to promote the graceful culture of China and share power and perception contained in Chinese tradition philosophy with the world. “This kind of culture is not only belonging to China but also to the world.

“The three words in Taiji I admired the most are Calm, Compliance, and Abandon. Calm is to realize yourself and oncoming tendency; whatever matters occurred, you shall calmly face them. Compliance is that one can only know how to follow others when he/she possesses his/her own strength. Abandon is to have people know you; only know what you want, then, can you know what shall be abandoned” — Jack said so.

What the Taiji Zen pursues is to strengthen your body through Taiji pugilism and Zen, as well as the mantra of Taiji Zen to find out more happiness. “Our orientation is health and happiness that is the most important thing for all of us” interpreted by Jet Li in respect of the implication of Taiji Zen.

In addition, as Jack projected his Taiji movie 8 years ago, he planned to have Huayi Brothers to shoot the film, have Jet Li to act as Yang Luchan, Li shufu as the rickshaw driver, Shi Yuzhu as the fortune teller, and ask Zhu Xinli to squeeze fruit juice, Niu Gensheng to milk a cow, and Wang Shi to build a city wall…

Dream to Have Taiji as Part of the Olympic Sports

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In Jan. 2017, term of the long-term cooperation has been reached between Alibaba Group and International Olympic Games to be effective to 2028; Alibaba therefore becomes the top cooperating partner of the International Olympic Games to provide the cloud service and the e-commerce platform. The Alibaba born in China actively participates in Olympic games, but until now, no competing event originated from China has been listed into Olympic Games.

Jet Li publicly expresses, the US has American football and India has Yoga (which has been prevalent for many years), but China has none of any symbolized athletic program. China had Taiji several thousand years ago; it can balance time, speed, and life, but is regarded as an aged sports—this is a kind of misunderstanding and waste. We have to fashion the Taiji, and treat GSD as an important step to move toward this target.

Viewing from this subject, we can invite Jack Ma who possesses the global influence to perform in the movie of GSD. On the one hand, he holds the intense intention to promote Taiji culture, but on the other hand, behind the Alibaba’s commercial success, it signifies the graceful and powerful culture gene of China represented by Taiji, allowing the world recognize that Chinese martial art is not only the muscle performance but also a kind of culture to explore the human philosophy in the future.

Debuting the big screen, Jack Ma spares no effort to share Chinese culture with the world and demonstrate the cultural confidence of China, and perhaps, this is exactly the supreme chivalry dream in Jack’s mind.

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