Self defense is a tricky thing. As much as we may receive training or learn specific moves that will help prepare us for situations we hope not to run into, there are still so many of us that are not prepared for an actual dangerous occurrence happening before our eyes. When an immediate threat suddenly hits, there are many that freeze up and fail to remember everything they learned in their martial arts classes. The knowledge is there, but it has not been internalized.

The Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response (SPEAR) is a self defense protection system that aims to mitigate such issues by utilizing the innate physiological reflexes within us. 

Self Defense with SPEAR System

Spear system self defense

The SPEAR System was created by a man named Tony Blauer in the 1980’s as a way for people to utilize the automatic physiological responses that stem from threat stimulus to our advantage. He specifically designed the program to provide people an effective way to defend themselves in real life, practical situations.

According to Blauer, “The SPEAR System combines the old brain’s most important function, to survive, with the new brain’s intelligence, to think and decide. We have reawakened a non-perishable personal defense counter-measure that can make every human being safer, sooner.”

Considering everything taught in SPEAR System relates to the neurophysiological responses that stem from our brain’s way to adapt to pain or threat, Blauer has made efforts to have his system verified by medical experts.

According to Dr. Robert Smith, “The SPEAR system utilizes instinctive motion to effect a combative change in both participants. Its effectiveness is grounded in basic physiology and as a result although initially apparently simple it is fundamentally as complex as the system it is designed to protect, humans.”

 The Startle Reflex in Self Defense

Spear system self defense

We are walking through the streets, lost in our thoughts until suddenly, a loud piercing noise echoes from afar. Immediately, the hairs at the back of our neck rise up and we jerk our head toward the said stimulus. This is what is known as the startle response – a defensive, unconscious response to external stimulus (sound, sight or touch) that our brain may process as potentially threatening or sudden.

The startle reflex reaction is an reflectory reaction in our brain that is meant to protect the back of the brain, eyes, and other vulnerable areas of our body. Blinking our eyes when something attempts to enter or comes near is a primary example of a type of startle reflex.

The Crossed Extensor Reflex

Spear system self defense

You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Pitch dark, you make your way through until suddenly feeling a piercing pain at the bottom of your left foot. You step on something sharp and without thought, your left leg pulls back, while the right one takes the weight of the body. This example is a type of withdrawal reflex known as the crossed extensor reflex.

Possibly considered the strongest natural human kinetic movement, the crossed extensor reflex causes the flexors of the withdrawing body part to contract, and the extensors to relax, all the while the opposite occurs on the other limb. The innate quality of this reflex is most notably seen in babies when holding one of their feet, and flicking it. Upon applying pressure to the bottom of their held foot, the opposite leg will flex and straight as to push away the stimulus.

SPEAR System in Real Life Situation

Spear system self defense

Your body & mind already know how to fight. There is a behaviorally-based protective system hiding inside every single person. We are all ‘human weapons’. By integrating, simple, safe, natural bio-mechanics you will possess a protective system based on how you [a human] moves and reacts to danger.

By combining the startle reflex with the crossed extensor reflex, the SPEAR system is meant to be a simple, yet effective method of self defense for people of all ages or size. You do not need to be a specific type of person to learn how what is taught in the system. Since every human has the capability to utilize the automatic responses we have within, Blauer believes it is imperative that everyone learn the basics to this method of self defense.

Over the course of 30+ years, law enforcement and military professionals are known to have implemented the SPEAR system into their curriculum. The Association of Chief Police Officers have gone onto recommend the SPEAR system for the British Police. Even though a majority of the clients using SPEAR are of law and military background, it has been open to civilians through the the Personal Defense Readiness Program.

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