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Jet Li – Learn Taiji Online with Taiji Zen

Level 2 Intro

In this video Jet Li gives an overview of the 2nd Taiji training level (duan or 段) of the Taiji Zen Online Academy’s learning system. Level 2 introduces the “Four Ordinal Energies” (Sì Yú Shǒu or 四隅手), which are:

1. Cǎi (採), or Plucking Energy

2. Liè (挒), or Splitting Energy

3. Zhǒu (肘), or Elbow Strike Energy

4. Kào (靠), or Shoulder Strike Energy

These movements are much more complex than those in Level 1, and will involve forces moving along two or more vectors simultaneously. Another characteristic of the Four Taiji Ordinal Energies is that they require “Fā Lì” (发力) , which means to issue explosive force into your movement. With these two factors, Level 2 will train a much higher level of full body coordination and require even more relaxation.

Learn Taiji Online with Taiji Zen

Level 2

1. Cǎi (採), or Plucking Energy

2.  Liè (挒), or Splitting Energy

3. Zhǒu (肘), or Elbow Strike Energy

4. Kào (靠), or Shoulder Strike Energy

Stay tuned for Level 3 coming soon!

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