Every martial artist has a tale to tell about how they discovered their art, the journey it has taken them on, and how martial arts have changed their course of their life. But the story of Indian martial artist, choreographer, film director, and now martial arts creator, Deepak Das is a particularly special one.

Das was born in north-eastern India and began training in Chinese martial arts as a youth in 1988. It quickly became his passion and he spent the next ten years mastering various disciplines. He claims to specialise in more than 20 different forms of martial art including Wushu, Taiji and Karate. Das is also the only Indian who has trained in internal Martial Arts in China’s Wu Dang Mountains, the spiritual home of Taiji.

indian martial arts Tao Power Yog

In 1999, he moved to the huge Indian city of Mumbai, home of the Bollywood movie industry. His ambition was to carve out a career as a fight choreographer, but initially he found himself training various Indian celebrities including Diana Hayden, Kabir Bedi, Pooja Bedi, Kiran Rao, Suman Ranganadhan, Nandita Das and Kelly Dorjie.

Eventually, he made the break into choreography, initially working on a number of popular Indian TV shows, before also branching out into the movie world as well.

Indian Martial Arts Tao Power Yog

indian martial arts Tao Power Yog

It was in 2009, when Das was struck with a revelation. Whilst training in China he reached the conclusion that none of the many different martial art disciplines he has mastered really gave him the combination of external, internal, and mental fitness he was looking for.

Inspired by this aim, he set about creating his own new martial art form which combined yoga, meditation, and different martial arts skills. The outcome of this process was a totally new martial art which Das has named Tao Power Yog.

Tao Power Yog is extremely physically testing but hugely rewarding and those who practice it have noted how energetic and refreshed they always feel after a session.

Tao Power Yog Took A Little Help from the World of Cricket

indian martial arts Tao Power Yog

As with all new forms of martial art, Tao Power Yog took a little while to build a fanbase, but Das’ connections in India helped him get a big break when in 2012, he was asked to train the Rajasthan Royals Indian Premier League cricket team. Cricket is like a religion in India and as well as household names like Rahul Dravid, Das also found himself working with some of the biggest global stars of the game, such as Shane Warne, Jacob Oram, and Shaun Tait.

It was that role which helped him to participate in the hugely popular Celebrity Cricket League reality TV show a year later, which really helped in bringing Tao Power Yog to a wider audience in India.

Back to His First Love; Movies

indian martial arts Tao Power Yog

Currently Das is working on his own movie, which has been shooting in the Guwahati region of the country. When he spoke to the Indian newspaper The North East Today, Das was reluctant to give too much away, but did say that the movie would focus on region issues in the north-east of the country.

There will no doubt be no shortage of action sequences too, with Tao Power Yog likely to play a prominent part.

Das is also the trainer behind Tiger Shroff, the young Indian action star tipped to be at the forefront of the next generation of Bollywood icons. He has worked with Shroff for many years and is also involved with another of Bollywood’s young leading lights, in actress Kriti Sanon.

indian martial arts Tao Power Yog

It is a long way from Das’ humble beginnings in the rural north-east of India, a part of this huge country which is all too often overlooked. To be working with some of the biggest names in what is the biggest movie industry in the world is a huge accomplishment, but even that pales into comparison, when Das’ live is looked at in the round.

A master of more than 20 martial arts, who has created his own artform, travelled the world training and teaching, and is now directing his own feature film. It really is true that is no telling how much martial arts really change someone’s life.

Tao Power Yog
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