It goes without question that martial arts have provided health benefits to practitioners throughout the ages. It is no wonder that over the course of a few decades, several martial artists have attempted to implement elements of martial arts into a fitness regime that allows the average person to get up from their couches, move their body, and get fit.

Body Fitness Systems with Martial Arts

body fitness martial arts

You’ve all seen it once in your life – whether at the gym or on the television. A group of people stand in rows, with one individual standing at the very front leading the pack in a fitness routine that lasts for about an hour or sometimes two. Together, the group encourage each other to keep going, pushing one another to build their mind and body, until by the end, everyone is left engulfed in sweat.

These are typically known as body fitness systems, and they are solely meant to keep people in shape and build endurance, while creating a collective atmosphere of encouragement that strays you from otherwise giving up if you were alone.

While some extreme body fitness systems such as P90X push the body to its limits intense burst of varying exercises, there have a chain of body fitness systems that have touched the workout world with its unique implementation of martial arts into the routine. The following are just a few examples of popular body fitness systems that incorporate martial arts into their routine:

#1 Body Fitness: Billy Blanks’ TAE BO

body fitness martial arts tae bo
  • Total commitment to whatever you do
  • Awareness of yourself and the world
  • Excellence, the truest goal in anything you do
  • (the) Body as a force for total change
  • Obedience to your will and your true desire for change

Developed by Billy Blanks, an American fitness guru and martial artist, Tae Bo was a body fitness system incorporating martial arts that had taken the world by storm in the 1990’s, with about 1.5 million videos sold through television infomercial.

From his influence in Karate and Taekwondo as a young child, Blanks implemented elements of kicks and punches into the Tae Bo routine, along with dance. Considering Tae Bo was created to help people get fit – increasing strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular ability – there are no practical applications for fighting or self-defense.

Through Tae Bo, students can expect to burn input 600-800 calories with just one hour of work out. Due to its high-energy exercises from the blend of dance, martial art moves, and aerobics, Blanks’ body fitness program has helped many people tone their muscles, while also improving balance and coordination.

#2 Body Fitness: Les Mills’ BODYCOMBAT

body fitness martial arts

A program created by the group-fitness company Les Mills – founded by Les Mills Sr. – BODYCOMBAT aims to get people into shape by utilizing martial arts-inspired moves into the fitness routines that the company is most famously known for bringing to the world.

As Phillip Mills, son to Les Mills Sr, joined the Les Mills movement in 1980, he brought forth his experience in the music industry by bringing forth group workouts that move at the pace of modern music. The power of the group fitness proved to be explosive. As the company soon incorporated the dumbbell into their exercises, the start of the BODY series began, with BODYPUMP lifting off in popularity. Ever since, Les Mills has gone onto create BODYBALANCE (yoga-based fitness) and BODYCOMBAT (martial arts-based fitness routine).

Kicking and punching through the workout, BODYCOMBAT promises to help burn 740 calories during a routine, with either 55, 45, or 30-minute workouts to choose from. Created for any layman without any experience in martial arts to join, thee high-intensity, high-energy workout routine provides participants a means to release stress, get fit, and become slightly more aware of the power of martial arts.

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