Have you ever done a kickboxing round? How about 2? Or perhaps 5? Or even 10? Well, one martial artist from Oxfordshire, UK, is planning to complete 200 of them in one go, and it’s all for a good cause.

Martial Artist Sets World Record

to Help Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy martial artist kickboxing world record

The man in question is Lee Ashman who hails from the Oxfordshire town of Witney. He is a seasoned martial artist and also teaches classes at Freestyle Martial Arts around the area along with his wife. Such is the family’s dedication to freestyle martial arts that husband, wife, and two children, are currently all working towards black belts together.

But this challenge is likely to be daunting even for a martial artist of Lee’s experience and dedication. “I’m not too nervous at the moment but I expect I will be as it gets closer,” he recently admitted to the Oxford Mail.

But Lee won’t have to look too far for motivation, as his challenge is all in aid of one local boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. Jacob Fletcher is the boy in question, and Lee Ashman first met him at a martial arts class in Witney.

Jacob Fletcher with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy martial artist kickboxing world record

When Jacob was born, doctors informed his mother that he would never be able to walk. But his family refused to accept defeat and in 2013, Jacob was able to travel to the USA for an operation which has changed his life.

“He couldn’t walk at all, even with some kind of support, and now he can with quad sticks,” Jacob’s Mother Lucy told the Oxford Mail. “He’s done amazingly well and we’re very proud of him. And it wouldn’t have been possible without physiotherapy.”

And physiotherapy is what this Lee Ashman’s challenge is in aid of. He will be raising funds to help Jacob continue the programme of physiotherapy which has helped him to walk and ensure that the progress he has made will result in a long-lasting improvement in his quality of life.

And if that wasn’t enough motivation, if he is successful Lee will also set a new British Kickboxing Council world record. This currently stands at 178, so if he can reach his goal, Lee will smash through this and raise the bar even higher.

200 Consecutive Two-minute Kickboxing Rounds World Record

Cerebral Palsy martial artist kickboxing world record

So, what exactly will he be doing? Lee will have to complete 200 consecutive two-minute kickboxing rounds to achieve his target. He will be allowed just a one-minute break between each round and will face an alternating group of opponents throughout the gruelling challenge.

It sounds like an almost impossible task, but Lee does come into this with some previous experience of endurance kickboxing challenges.

As well as being a passionate martial artist and trainer, Lee has previously managed to complete 100 consecutive kickboxing rounds using the same criteria. That was in aid of an asthma charity on behalf of his son, who suffers from the condition.

But nevertheless, this time he will be attempting to do twice as many in a challenge expected to last for 10 hours.

“It helps that there’ll be plenty of people there to cheer me on and that I’m doing it for a good cause,” said a stoic Lee Ashman. “People have been quite impressed when I’ve told them what I’m doing but they have said they’d rather it was me than them.”

Grateful for Lee Ashman the Martial Artist

Cerebral Palsy martial artist kickboxing world record

It’s fantastic that Lee is coming into this with a sense of humour. As the hour’s tick by you suspect he is going to need it. But the effort that he is going to is typical of so many in the martial arts community, which can so often bring people closer together and help to bring the very best out of people too.

And there is no shortage of people who are grateful for the time and effort Lee is committing to help someone else either.

“What Lee’s doing to help is great,” said Jacob’ mother Lucy. “We do an hour long martial arts course and that’s tiring – so for him to do 10 hours’ worth is amazing.”

And if helping little Jacob and setting a new world record isn’t enough of an incentive for Lee as he enters those last two or three painful hours, he does still have one more trick up his sleeve.

“I’m just going to set my mind on that Chinese [meal] I’ll be having afterwards.”

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