When one enters a dojo presently it is a very different experience than in the past where Kung Fu, Karate, and the other fundamental martial arts originated from. Although ultimately coming from elements that are deeply rooted in tradition, discipline, and self-preservation the practice of martial arts has developed vastly since its modest yet passionate beginnings in Asia.

The vast amount of styles and techniques that are openly shared now were originally kept secret, in fear that “foreigners” would not respect or otherwise devalue the sanctity of their teachings. Even children were often viewed as not having the capacity to realize such an important undertaking of passing on such powerful knowledge to the right people who would make the practices flourish. Thankfully, now kids aren’t only excelling within the umbrella of martial arts but are even teaching and fostering individuals much older than them given they have the right belt status.

Respect In the Dojo when Learning Martial Arts

or Doing Physical Exercise

dojo physical exercise martial arts

A large aspect of successful teaching comes from the idea of respect and how individuals have to respect one another first before they are ever likely to really pay attention to each other. Considering this aspect, witnessing a small child tell a room full of older individuals, sometimes even adults, what to do can seem quite shocking and alarming. Yet, once one sees how well the situation is being handled, one cannot help but notice the vast positive effects of learning martial arts.

In alignment with having respect for others, one cannot do so if they do not have the self-discipline in order to listen appropriately without the development of the massive ego getting in the way. This is an aspect of martial arts that can be most beneficial for a child to learn early on. Self-discipline is a characteristic that helps all avenues of life be it concerning school, attaining/ maintaining a job, relationship building, you name it.

The ability to maintain concentration is also difficult for us all, especially children. At the tender age of adolescence the mind is the most susceptible to information and more often times than not, it is staying at a state of a short-attention span. Martial art does not only provide a space for children to be able to concentrate, but also gives them the tools and techniques necessary to be able to concentrate outside of the dojo as well.

Although concentration is also a part of self-discipline, the two combined are hard to achieve for even some adults. Learning these important qualities of life early on will prepare children to easily deal with the many insurmountable difficulties that life will throw at them.

Grow Confidence in Learning Martial Arts in Dojo

dojo physical exercise martial arts

As the child’s martial arts career continues the amount of confidence that they will develop will propel them to tackle their schooling and later work. They will be able to confidently answer questions in class without second guessing themselves. They will be able to have earnest rapports and relationships with peers and adults because there won’t be a fear of saying the wrong thing or not measuring up to others.

With this new found confidence, children will less likely feel shy around others of all ages and will be able to seize opportunities when they come instead of letting them whizz right by. Within these opportunities children will be able to easily attain friends and will feel comfortable and confident in doing so.

Apart from the skills and characteristics that martial arts provides for children, having the space itself can mean all of the world to children and parents. Not only are you able to interact with people that come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and upbringings in their own age groups but also with the adults that are teaching and sometimes acting as students as well.

Doing Physical Exercise

dojo physical exercise martial arts

It is no secret that children need many different activities and spaces where they can exude all of the energy that they contain on a daily basis. A dojo will provide an environment where children can challenge and help each other as well as with team building and individuality. Instead of running around inside and driving their parents crazy, a dojo will provide a space where children can get all of their energy out so they are more relaxed at home. Physical exercise is also a very large problem that has been growing exponentially in all societies, especially in America.

It is crucial for children to enjoy going out and to commit to physical exercise early on so that the good habits will stick later in life. Martial arts can be a great workout as well because it utilizes all of the muscles throughout the entire physique, mind and body, and can be a great source for cardio.

dojo physical exercise martial arts

To put it shortly, martial arts has a wide variety of benefits for people of all ages but particularly for children, the benefits are insurmountable. Considering the personal self, children can develop qualities from respect for others, concentration, discipline, confidence, and many others. In terms of aspects gained outside of the self there are developments in socialization skills with others and learning to respect one another. Even with these great benefits, the most exceeding is the physical exercise aspect of martial arts.

With everything else aside, martial arts is a great source for exercise and healthy value building for all children. Any parent who takes their child to learn martial arts fully understands the grand values and benefits it can have on all facets, and anyone who hasn’t tried is definitely missing out! It is a beautiful art that has withstood the many intricate shifts of time and has only been getting more and more popular as time progresses.

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