On August 26, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. While McGregor would almost certainly dominate Mayweather in MMA competition, he’s being given almost no chance against him in the boxing ring.

The reason that McGregor is being given such a small chance to win this boxing match is that Mayweather is exponentially more experienced than him in the boxing ring. The American is the owner of a flawless, 49-0 record as a professional (not to mention an impressive amateur career). McGregor, meanwhile, has never competed as a professional boxer. He’s 0-0.

While the Irishman is experienced in MMA competition, he will simply be in Mayweather’s world when he steps into the boxing ring this August.

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This, of course, is not to suggest Conor McGregor can’t win. He will have some pretty interesting advantages that could carry him to victory. He’ll be the bigger, rangier man in the ring. He is much younger than the 40-year-old Mayweather. He hits absurdly hard, and could well seal the deal with one, well-place punch. And besides, many other MMA fighters have done quite well in the boxing ring. The precedent for a McGregor win exists, as slim as his chances may be.

Without further ado, here are five other MMA fighters who have competed as professional boxers over the course of their fighting careers:

5 MMA Fighters Who Fought as Boxers Before

MMA Fighters Boxers

Of all the MMA fighters who have also competed as professional boxers, its arguable that none realized quite the level of success as Marcus Davis.

Though Davis is best known for being a fairly successful member of the UFC lightweight and welterweight divisions – and later an MMA coach ­– he’s also an experienced pro boxer. By the time the year 2000 had rolled around, Davis had carved out an impressive, 17-1-2 record in the sport of boxing. Though he never returned to the boxing ring after his first knockout loss, his success as a boxer can’t be ignored.

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Chris Lytle, who is now retired, was known as one of the most exciting action fighters in the UFC welterweight division. What you might know about the fighter nicknamed “Lights Out” however, is that he was also a force in the boxing ring.

From 2002-2005, Lytle put together an applause-worthy 13-1-1 record in the boxing ring. He won more than half of those fights by knockout, and perhaps more impressively, was never knocked out himself. No, Lytle was no joke in the ring.

MMA Fighters Boxers

Start a conversation about the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, and Anderson Silva’s name will unfailingly come up. “The Spider” is undeniably one of the finest talents to ever compete in mixed martial arts.

While Silva’s boxing career is far less impressive than his MMA career, it remains an interesting feature of his resume all the same. He great went 1-1 in the boxing ring, losing his first fight, and winning his second, nearly a decade later, by second-round knockout.

MMA Fighters Boxers

Italy’s Alessio Sakara entered the MMA limelight as a member of the UFC middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. Today he competes as a light heavyweight in the world’s second biggest MMA promotion, Bellator.

Before Sakara entered the MMA consciousness, however, he enjoyed an impressive professional boxing career, going 8-1 in bouts in Italy and Brazil. In his sixth pro bout, he even fought for the vacant IBF Youth Cruiserweight title, though this would go down as the lone loss of his boxing career.

Needless to say, Alessio Sakara’s boxing career was nothing to smirk at – not that you’d ever smirk at somebody as tough looking as he is…

MMA Fighters Boxers

Of all the names on this list, Duffee is absolutely the most interesting. Why? Because he is one of just three men to defeat Conor McGregor in mixed martial arts competition, having submitted the UFC superstar back in 2010.

Before Duffee became one of just a few mixed martial artists to defeat McGregor, however, he went undefeated as a young boxer, putting together a 7-0 professional record in bouts held in England, Germany and Wales.

MMA Fighters and Boxers Skills are Different

MMA Fighters Boxers conor mcgregor Georges St-Pierre vs Michael Bisping

The fact that other MMA fighters have had success in the boxing ring does not guarantee Conor McGregor’s success – especially against an all-time great like Floyd Mayweather Jr. What this list does prove, however, is that the skills required to succeed in boxing and MMA are, at least on some scale, transferable.

Conor McGregor may be 0-0 as a boxer, but he’s an extremely skilled mixed martial artist, and that might just be enough to carry him to an upset victory this August. Time will tell!

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