On August 26, UFC lightweight champion and transcendent MMA superstar Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring to battle one of the best boxers ever at his own sport. That boxer is Floyd Mayweather Jr., an undefeated defensive mastermind who has found a way to defeat all 49 of the fighters he’s met in the ring.

Given that McGregor has never boxed professionally, he is being given little chance to defeat Mayweather in the boxing ring. There is no doubt, of course, that McGregor would defeat Mayweather in a mixed martial arts bout, but when he steps into the ring on August 26, he’ll simply be in Mayweather’s world.

That being said, a McGregor win is possible. Though it is an unlikely outcome, the Irishman has some interesting advantages heading into this fight, and when they’re combined, his winning the fight suddenly looks like a very plausible outcome.

Without further ado, here are five reasons why Conor McGregor could spring the upset and defeat Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

Top 5 Reasons Conor McGregor Could Defeat Floyd Mayweather

  1. Conor McGregor is Much Bigger than Mayweather

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather will collide at 154 pounds. This is quite a bit heavier than Mayweather typically fights, but very close to the 155-pound division that McGregor is most comfortable in when he competes in MMA.

The implication here is that McGregor is likely to be the bigger, stronger man in the ring. He also won’t have to endure a difficult weight cut, which would be the case if he fought at a lower weight class, such as 147-pounds, which was briefly discussed in the early days of this fight’s negotiations.

Furthermore, McGregor is taller and rangier than Mayweather. The Irishman is 1.75 meters tall, and he has a reach of 188 centimeters. Mayweather, meanwhile, is 1.73 meters tall, with a reach of 182 centimeters. This means that McGregor will simply have an easier time reaching Mayweather’s head with his punches than Mayweather will have.

  1. Conor McGregor is Much Younger than Mayweather

While Floyd Mayweather is undeniably the best boxer of this era, and one of the best boxers ever outright, he is also quite old for a boxer. At 40 years old, it’s safe to say he is no longer in his physical prime. He could well be more fragile than he once was a result, and therefore have a difficult time absorbing the kind of punishing blows McGregor is capable of dishing out.

McGregor, meanwhile, is a fresh 28 years old. He is in the prime of his fighting life. As such, he will probably faster and more flexible than Mayweather. He should also be able to take quite a bit of punishment, which will be crucial against a boxer as skilled as Mayweather. Yes, McGregor is likely to absorb a lot of punches. Yet he should be able to endure them, while the 40-year-old Mayweather might not be sturdy enough to do so anymore.

  1. Floyd Mayweather Has Had Difficulty with Southpaws in the Past

Floyd Mayweather is undefeated. He has never lost. This, however, is not to suggest to that he hasn’t faced adversity as a professional.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Mayweather has endured several hiccups, and many of them have been against southpaws – that is, fighters who lead with their right hand, rather than their left.

The interesting thing about this fight is that McGregor is a southpaw. Not only that, he’s a southpaw with c-4 packed into both of his gloves. If Mayweather fails to avoid any of McGregor’s southpaw attacks, he could find himself in real trouble. When Conor McGregor throws punches, it only takes one.

  1. Conor McGregor Could Fight with an Unorthodox Style

While McGregor’s fighting in a southpaw stance alone could be enough to frustrate the aging Mayweather, McGregor could also throw Mayweather off by fighting right outside the traditional boxing stance.

While he will not be allowed to throw kicks, elbows or knees – the only MMA attack he’ll be allowed to use is the superman punch – there is no reason McGregor can’t fight in his typical side-on stance. At 49-0, Floyd Mayweather has seen pretty much everything. But he has never seen a fighter with a stance like McGregor’s, and that could drive the undefeated pugilist right out of his element.

  1. Conor McGregor is a Master of Mind Games

While the fight itself goes down on August 26, the battle has already begun.

For McGregor, a big part of any fight is mental warfare: verbal exchanges wherein he makes his opponents emotionally invested in the fight. When his opponents are emotionally invested in the fight, they make mistakes. When the make mistakes, he capitalizes.

A perfect example of this occurred in McGregor’s battle with Jose Aldo. In the lead up to this fight, McGregor took every opportunity to get under his foe’s skin. By the time fight night rolled around, Aldo was so eager to get his hands on the Irishman that he abandoned his ring-craft, recklessly charged forward, and was promptly knocked out by a counter left hand.

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather

While the ultra- experienced Mayweather is probably capable of dealing with McGregor’s mind games more than many of his previous foes, it’s very possible that McGregor is able to rattle him and throw him off his game.

Andrius Petrucenia
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