The sports supplements industry is a booming sector right now. More and more people are looking for the right food supplements and sports drinks to boost their fitness efforts. And there are many different products on the market, all of which claim to offer that extra boost needed to achieve your goals.

One such sports supplement company is called nanohydr8 and is perhaps unique in the sector in being able to link its commercial success with martial arts. Mixed martial arts to be precise.

The story begins with the company’s founder; mixed martial arts athlete Adam Legas.

Mixed Martial Arts Athlete Adam Legas

Mixed Martial Arts Adam Legas

Adam Legas grew up in a family where fitness was at the centre of his world. His father was a hand-to-hand combat instructor for the US Air Force as well as being a top-class javelin thrower. He passed on his love of sports and fitness to his son, training him in a number of different combat sports from an early age, as well as setting age-group world records in the decathlon.

As an adult, Adam ran a real estate company, but the financial crash of 2008 saw that business fold and left Adam at a low ebb. He turned to his Mixed Martial Arts at this difficult moment, and as he explained to Forbes, it was this which helped him rebuild his confidence and his livelihood.

Mixed Martial Arts have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the US, and around the world, in recent years thanks to the success of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which has really put the sport on the map.

But for Adam, who has been involved in Mixed Martial Arts since long before the UFC gained a foothold, it is something which offers far more than drama and entertainment.

“No entrepreneur who is in the midst of starting up a new company can afford to ignore the cardinal virtues espoused by martial arts,” he said. “My Mixed Martial Arts training helped me get back on my feet and start this new venture.”

Discipline as a Key Skill

Mixed Martial Arts Adam Legas

One of the key skills he has identified Mixed Martial Arts as having given him is resilience and determination; the ability to bounce back even when things are not going your way.

He argues that to be successful in Mixed Martial Arts, you have to be “the last one who refuses to go down or give up.”

He goes on to explain that sometimes you have to employ both determination and cunning to achieve success. Brute strength is not always the deciding factor. This is certainly the key in a competitive business environment, where start-ups, such as Adam’s nanohydr8 business, have to battle to gain a foothold in a marketplace already dominated by a number of big producers.

As he explained, “a frontal attack on a competitor’s business is rarely successful… it’s best to go sideways to look for an advantage you can leverage.”

Adam Legas also identifies discipline as a key skill he has deployed in the business world.

“In Martial Arts, the difference between success and failure is often nothing more than being able to deliver one more kick or punch than your opponent,” he says. “In business, it’s the same.”

Martial Arts Can Help You to Achieve

Mixed Martial Arts Adam Legas

Then, of course, the is the teamwork aspect. Mixed Martial Arts may be an individual event. But no one gets to the top of the sport without the support a small army of coaches and trainers, medical support, and even spiritual guidance.

Likewise, entrepreneurs will rarely succeed if they go it alone. Rather they need the ability to build a team around them that they can trust and that they can turn to for help and guidance at difficult moments.

Adam Legas is a great role model for what a dedication to Martial Arts can help you to achieve. As well as a thriving sports supplement business, he also now runs the largest Mixed Martial Arts training gym in the US state of Utah. It is his way of giving something back to the sport that has given him so much.

And he is clear about what it was in his life that equipped him with the skills and drive to become a success.

His love of Martial Arts.

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