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TaiJi for Beginners Video from Jet Li

In this video, Jet Li introduces the TaijiZen Online Academy, a systematic and revolutionary approach to learning Taiji for beginners, as well as mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you relax your mind and bring more balance into your life.

This program is perfect for teaching TaijiQuan for beginners with it’s principles based step by step approach. You will learn all the fundamental principles of Taiji. It is also a very valuable resource for more advanced students who want a better grasp of the concepts and principles in Taiji.

With the TaijiZen Online Academy, you will learn the complete art of TaijiQuan. This video will teach you the core principles of TaijiQuan and the training manuals provide much information on background, theory and in-depth explanations of the movements. Each level (duan or 段) introduces incrementally more complex concepts, principles and partner practices.

You can check out TaijiZen website if you are interested in it.

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