From rap to break dancing to the street art of graffiti all aspects of the hip hop culture have been influenced by the Chinese arts of kung fu. In the late seventies and early eighties the kung fu movies of Shaw Brothers where only played in select theaters throughout the United States. In New York the birth place of hip hop the main two areas that showed such films where 42nd street and Canal street in China Town.

Dj Hip Hop Music and Chinese Kung Fu

dj hip hop music chinese kung fu

The DJ culture is an important aspect of the hip hop culture not to be overlooked. The Dj’s job is to mix music and scratch records on beat along with the music. The Dj can use a wide range of sources for the records or cds he/she cuts. Another aspect of the Dj is to add samples of different shows and movies into the music of the song. Many classic kung fu movies of the seventies are sampled by various hip hop artist since the creation of the music. Two memorable samples come from such famous classics as The Five Deadly Venoms, and Master Killer.

Even there is a Chinese rap reality show ” The Rap of China 中國有嘻哈 ” getting viral in China, the show quickly grew in popularity and reached 100 million views in four hours when its first episode aired. It accumulated 1.3 billion views in a little over a month. The show is credited for making hip hop mainstream in China.

The are many artist that have used images of the old school kung fu flicks of the seventies and eighties in the music videos. On youtube a common way to watch videos for free these days there are numerous rap song played of kung fu movies. The blend of hip hop music along with the visuals of kung fu fight scenes are evident  by the sheer number of rap songs presented along with the kung fu movie blend.

When DJ Hip Hop Music Meets Chinese Kung Fu

dj hip hop music chinese kung fu

Today, we have two brothers from USA who learn Chinese martial arts:

  • Robert Arnold learns Bagua Zhang (blue shirt)
dj hip hop music chinese kung fu
  • Aaron Arnold learns Xing Yi Quan (red shirt)
dj hip hop music chinese kung fu

And two DJs from Taiwan:

  • DJ Eturn
dj hip hop music chinese kung fu
  • Brotha Wu
dj hip hop music chinese kung fu

They are going to show you how it’s like when DJ hip hop music combines with Chinese Kung Fu.

Robert said: “Xing-Yi Quan, one the the three internal martial arts of China, is famed for its explosive power, aggressive ‘taking the fight’ to the opponent and subtle circles within lines. Eight Battles Broadsword deceptively combines Bagua stepping and evasion with subtle angles of attack. The Yizong Tangshoudao lineage is respected around the world for its practical fighting sophistication.”

dj hip hop music chinese kung fu

Check the amazing video now!

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