We all know that feeling. Maybe you feel it as you tighten your belt, earned through blood sweat and tears. Perhaps, you feel it as you enter the training hall. Or when you bow to your first sparring partner of the evening and take a stance. It’s that magical moment when you know that you’re in the right place at the right time. As you’re in your element. It feels good.

You’re confident. So why do we so rarely take that experience out of the training hall into our lives? And more importantly, how can we make sure that we face the challenges of life with the same confidence that we feel when we train?

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, even the fact that you’ve started martial arts speaks to your character. You saw something in the art of the warrior and you decided you were willing to go down that path. And also You did the hard work of finding a school that spoke to you. You faced the intimidation of walking into a room full of fighters and saying, “Yes, I want to be one of you!” Moreover, you refused to let cowardice, laziness, or fear stop you from joining a martial arts school, and this makes you unique and driven!

And speaking to the experienced martial artists, you have succeeded at tasks that would have broken the average person. You will learn some special Kung Fu techniques from them. So you likely do more sit-ups, push-ups, and squats in a single week that some people do in their lifetime. You have spent thousands of hours perfecting the execution of techniques and you have faced opponents. Not only have you taken hits that would have finished the average person , but also you have kept on fighting. You have proved yourself time and time again.

You’ve earned your Kung Fu confidence!


Top 3 Techniques for Kung Fu Confidence

If you are looking for ways to take your confidence out of the training hall and into your study, work. Here are top 3 techniques that you can achieve just that:

  1. Visualization for Success


There are all sorts of ways that you have challenged yourself and proved that you can succeed. It wasn’t just to build up your ego. The fact is, you can draw on those successes in times of need. The key? Visualization. This works because our minds are so powerful. When you go deep into a memory, your mind will make your body react as if you were actually back in that moment. You are reliving your success, literally!

Pick a moment when you faced overwhelming odds and succeeded. Maybe it was your first sparring match against a tough opponent. Maybe it was your all-day advancement test. Or maybe it was that time you did squats until you thought you couldn’t move your legs… and then you did a few more. It doesn’t matter what the moment was. The important thing is that it was meaningful to you.

Now, next time you have a challenge in your life, take a moment beforehand and visualize your success in your head. Try to feel the moment as if you were still in it. Remember the difficulty. The fear that you could fail. The drive to succeed. Remember how it felt to push through the difficulty. Finally, experience the feeling of success.

Hold on to that feeling! Now you have the attitude and mindset of someone who has already won! Wear that feeling like a badge of success as you go into that board meeting, school exam, or whatever challenge you face!

  1. Action of Power

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With this technique, you choose one action that is meaningful to you. You should choose something you do in the training hall when you are feeling at the top of your game. Some examples might include tying your hard-earned belt, bowing before entering, taking a stance, or shouting “Osu”.

Once you have chosen your action, for the next week or so, pay attention to your feelings of confidence and control when you perform that action in the training hall. The name of the game here is awareness. Be aware of your positive feelings. Once you feel familiar with the feelings, start performing the action in new contexts and see if you can recapture the confidence when you do the motion. Start with low-stress things. For example, give yourself a quiet little “Osu!” before heading into a classroom or sitting down to do some writing.

Your goal is to associate this action in your head with the feeling of confidence, no matter where you are. Finally, once you’ve thoroughly established the connection between feelings of confidence and your chosen action, you can start using that action to psych you up before stressful events like important meetings or final exams.

  1. Kung Fu Confidence Charm

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This one is simple but very effective. You choose an item related to you martial achievements and you carry it with you. This can be anything that has meaning for you. Your belt tucked discreetly into your backpack. Your certificate of advancement kept in a desk drawer. A tournament trophy placed in the corner of your cubicle. The only thing that matters is that it means something to you: it reminds you that you have overcome odds that would destroy most people.

Carry something with you that reminds you that you have done awesome things as a warrior, so there’s no reason you can’t do awesome things in every other part of your life! So take these tools, hold your head up high, and go out into the world to conquer any challenge! After all, you’ve earned it!

These are top 3 fundamental techniques for most people, so try them and be as confident as the Kung Fu King Jet Li!

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