Here are Jet Li FAQ for You:

  • Does Jet Li really write all the stuff about him on the site?

Yes, every article about “Jet Li” that says it’s written by Jet is actually his words. Sometimes he’ll write or say it in Chinese and have one of his staff translate it for him, but we assure you that they are really his words.

  • Does Jet Li ever check the messages from his social media?

Yes, Jet does check the messages from his social media when he has the time to. When he is pretty busy, he doesn’t get a chance to check it then, but when he has the time he’ll spend up to 3 hours a day checking through messages to determine what the fans like and don’t like about his movies.

  • Can I get my own autographed photograph of Jet Li?

Generally, Jet doesn’t send autographed photographs to folks who request it through his website. Occasionally we will run contests on the site for autographed pictures and posters so keep your eyes peeled for those in the future.

  • How do I send Jet Li some fanmail?

You can send Jet a fanmail by sending e-mail to Contact on You can also send your story through Share your story.

  • How do I get into a Jet Li movie?

Well, first you get an agent. Then you join the actor’s union and you get lots of luck and patience. Seriously though, there’s no way we can determine your chances of being in a movie with Jet Li. You can read this fanmail response that Jet gave though, which might shed some light on how you can get in the industry.

“In an industry so saturated with talented actors, it is always a huge advantage to have a unique skill to differentiate yourself from the run of the mill competition. This applies, in my experience, not just to the Hollywood movie industry, but to other moviemaking centers in the world. Hong Kong, France, Japan – it’s all the same. Also – the heart. Passion is an element not to be discarded in this business. This, of course, does not apply to just being an actor, but to all professions, to all pursuits.

You can master the technical perfections, the little subtleties of the craft, but without the heart – the key is missing. The magnetism that draws the audience’s eye will be lacking. Had I not trained in wushu – who knows? Most likely I would not have taken flight in the movie industry. My martial arts background, I’m sure, was the main factor that opened up opportunities for me in the past. “

“As to how one can become a martial arts choreographer in this business – well, from my experience, and again this is not an absolute, black-and-white necessity, most working choreographers of today, whether they be in Hollywood or Hong Kong, first started out having a strong background in martial arts. This allowed them to gain that finer perceptive edge in visualizing and creating movements. Most of these choreographers were stunt men for a few years. Then they graduated to the position of assistant choreographer to big names. This they did for another few years. Then, if they could prove their talents, they were moved up a notch and became lead choreographers in small movies.

If these movies were successful and audiences took favorably to the action, then another few doors were opened and they went on to work in the big movies. As you can see, it is all a process, one in which you must be constantly refining and redefining your skills. Finally – a solid understanding of the movie industry system is always of a tremendous help. That, and luck, of course.”

  • Jet, if there were only one person in all of human history that you could choose to take on as your student, who would it be, what martial art would you train them in, and why them/that style?

“I never see myself as a coach, because I don’t think I’m a good teacher. But I like to be a communicator, I like to share good things about wushu or movies to people. Even until now, I’m still sharing. I hope that everyone can find something that he really likes, such as cultural diversity, game, food, etc. Everyone has different thought and like, so I wish everyone can find something he really likes. That’s why I never have a student before because I don’t think myself as a good teacher.”

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