Jacky Heung Hopes to be a Famous Kung Fu Movie Star

jacky heung

“On the stage for one minute, but practicing behind scenes for 10 years. My idol, Michael Jordan once said ‘My pain was my motivation’. As when I’m simply stretching, even though is painful, but the second time it hurts you just realize the progress that you are making and you will really value the pain.”

Jacky Heung was born in 1984, his first acting when he was 5-year-old as a child actor “Proud and Confident”. His acting career is not as smooth as what people think, he started as supporting role in Fearless, The Warlords, From Vegas to Macau III etc.

After 10 years of hard work and training, in 2016, he got the opportunity to act as “a good guy who know Kungfu”. He starred as Skylord in League of Gods movie, and got the chance to work together with Jet Li, Tony Leung, Louis Koo etc.

Although he did participate in some reality shows such as “Keep Running”, “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, but what he really wishes to accomplish is to become a Kung Fu movie star.

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