On June 3rd 2017 the world was shocked by the terror attacks on London Bridge and the surrounding area of Borough Market. Three terrorists armed with knives went on a rampage, first using a van as a weapon on London Bridge, then stabbing innocent bystanders until all three were shot dead by armed police officers. The attacked lasted just 8 minutes, but there were numerous casualties. Tragically seven people lost their lives but every attack victim that made it to hospital survived. As the dust settled stories of true heroism began to emerge.

One person caught up in the terror attacks was a Sunday Express reporter and martial arts enthusiast, Geoff Ho. His story has been widely reported [http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/815584/london-bridge-terror-attack-geoff-ho-hero-story] in the UK press. When three terrorists rushed into the bar, he and his friends were enjoying an evening in. They ordered everybody to “get down”, Geoff’s martial arts training kicked in and he confronted the terrorists, delaying them long enough for people to get to safety. He was stabbed in the neck, but luckily was treated at the scene and rushed to hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery with the help of NHS doctors and nurses.

Humble as ever, Geoff Ho says he doesn’t feel like a hero. But to us and the rest of the world, he will always be remembered as the martial artist who made a heroic stand against the terrorist attackers. We managed to catch up with Geoff while he was recovering in hospital and asked him a few questions.

Geoff Ho
This is Geoff with his martial arts instructor Tony Lloyd (left).

Interview with Geoff Ho

JetLi.com: What martial arts do you study?

Geoff Ho: I study a number of styles – probably too many at the moment, I need to be more focused! But I love learning from every style and system I find, so I train at least four days a week. I principally do a style of kung fu called Seal Lung (“Little Dragon”), which is one of those styles that was started off by a classically trained master and evolved into something different in the UK. It’s most similar to Sanshou or Sanda.

My master is Tony Lloyd in London and I also train with my friend Nick Wood.
 Aside from kung fu and kickboxing, I’ve studied JKD, Escrima, Krav Maga, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was in Bangkok training at a Muay Thai gym in March. Loved it. Martial arts is a giant puzzle and every system and style has pieces of that puzzle.

JetLi.com: How do you think your martial arts training helped you that night in London?

Geoff Ho: Firstly, martial arts has made me a better person. Kinder. Calmer. Disciplined.
 On the night, the training kept me calm, clear headed and thinking precisely. I knew what to do and when.

JetLi.com: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from martial arts training?

Geoff Ho: Humility. Determination. The desire to help my fellow students and others. It’s funny, because of martial arts, I have friends from vastly different walks of life around the world – every nationality, race, religion, creed. But we all get along and try to help each other improve our techniques, katas, etc, because we all want to help each other be better.

Geoff Ho
Geoff in Thailand practicing martial arts

JetLi.com: What’s it like being called a hero?

Geoff Ho: I don’t think of myself as a hero. To be honest, it’s a little embarrassing. All I did was try to defend my friends and innocent people that were being attacked. I have trained for years, I have skills that my friends and the others do not. I had to use them to defend them – otherwise what is the point? Using the skills we learn to protect people is part of us, it’s why we do what we do.

JetLi.com: When are you getting back to training?

Geoff Ho: Don’t know when at the moment, it depends on the speed of my recovery. But I am looking forward to it, believe me!

JetLi.com: Thanks for your time Geoff, and good luck with your recovery, but most of all, thank you for your actions that night. You’ll always be a hero to us!

Geoff Ho: Thank you for the interview, it helps to talk.

Geoff Ho
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