A Passionate Mom – Chen Huan

Chen huan passionate mom gym

Four years ago, a passionate mom, Chen Huan, started to work out initially for the purpose of losing weight and becoming healthy. She was just a fitness enthusiast like most of the people.

Chen Huan learned Muay Thai, boxing and jiu-jitsu, she really likes to combat. Her passion for boxing grew exponentially and finally she made the decision to quit her job without any hesitation. With the support of her family, she opened a gym “Revive Gym” for only women and kids in Shanghai.

Chen’s two kids started practicing boxing under the influence of their mom. While many doubt that boxing might develop grumpiness and impatience in a kid’s character; she told everyone from her experiences “systematic trainings allow kids learn to control, soften their mindsets and teach them not to resort to violence easily in the face of obstacles.” Now, boxing has become the communication channel between Chen and her children.

“My kids are my most loyal fans. I believe that my life and confidence have great impact on my children. Also, they thought I’m a martial art master so they are very well-behaved.”— Chen Huan.

Chen huan passionate mom gym
Chen huan passionate mom gym
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