Jason Statham, former British competitive diver, Hollywood’s fittest actor and an action superstar.

Li Lianjie (Jet Li), all-around national wushu champion, social entrepreneur and Kung Fu emperor.

Jet Li and Jason Statham Movies

Jason Statham movies jet li movies jason statham and jet li movies
Jet Li meets Jason Statham in Beijing for future busineess collaborations

They both met in Hollywood and became friends. Subsequently worked together in five movies as “The One” (2001), “War” (2007), “The Expendables” (2010), “The Expendables 2” (2012) and “The Expendables 3” (2014). Despite coming from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, they shine in their respective areas, scoring big at the box office. This success is imbued with their own understanding of their roles, how they blend them and make a distinctive action movie.

Jason Statham movies jet li movies jason statham and jet li movies

In the “Fast & Furious 8” trailer, there’s a highlight of Jason Statham fighting Dwayne Johnson. When Jason was asked about this spectacular battle scene, he said, “This is a muscular counterforce, I have to do a lot of preparation to get into character, not just rely on the action.”

Jason Statham was asked again if he would learn from his friend Jet Li in private. In response, he kept praising Jet’s emotion that he said was so unique when he was acting, as well as Jet Li’s Kung Fu prowess which has inspired him over the years.

Jason Statham Movies

Jason Statham
Both actors cooperating for “The one” in 2001

Before becoming an actor, Jason Statham was a member of the British national diving team. After 12 years being part of this team, he retired. In 1990, he was spotted by an agency and began to work as a model and to appear in several commercials. Consequently, he starred in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” led by the famous director Guy Ritchie, and unto this day, the movie is one of Hollywood’s truly remarkable movies.

Jason featuring in this movie was a door to success and more movie roles soon followed. At the end of 2001, “The One”, a science fiction-action movie, was released in the United States, and it was Jason Statham and Jet Li’s first screen cooperation. This film fuses action elements with the outer space, creating a really eye-catching movie.

Jason Statham

In 2002, Jason got the lead role in “The Transporter”, the first movie of the trilogy. Additionally the Hong Kong film director of this movie, Corey Yuen, has done much business cooperation with Jet li.

In 2005, he kept his leading role in “The Transporter 2” and in 2008 starred “The Transporter 3”. It is important to mention that Jason admitted that during the shooting of “The Transporter 3”, he insisted on practicing for three months in order to train his muscle stretching, because the movie had a lot of action fighting and he wanted to let the audience enjoy the most stunning and smoothest action movements. Thus, he drew some lessons from Jackie Chan and Jet Li videos.

Jason Statham
In 2007 both actors cooperating in “War”

In 2007, Jason Statham and Li Lianjie had their second cooperation starring in the action thriller “War”. One is an FBI agent; the other one, an assassin, both delivering an extraordinary performance. Jason jokingly mentioned that in the movie “the one”, they didn’t have the opportunity to fight each other. However, for this movie they will have the chance for a “close combat” in the film set, as they were “deprivated” to do so the last time.

Jet Li and Jason Statham in The Expendables

Jason Statham
2010 “The Expendables”

In 2010, Hollywood famous movie star, Sylvester Stallone, directed “The Expendables” who also starred in the lead role. The movie payed a tribute to the blockbuster action films of the 1980s and 1990s, bringing together a large number of international action movies. This was Jason Statham and Li’s third opportunity for cooperation. The strong starring team, carefully prepared behind the scenes, made this epic action film a huge visual feast in summer 2010.

Jason Statham
2012 “The Expendables 2”

In 2012, Jason starred again in the movie “The Expendables 2”, and Li Lianjie also had the chance to show his amazing skills off. After the release in North America, the movie was a real box office champion.

Jason Statham
2014 “The Expendables 3”

In 2014, the two stars worked together for the fifth time, and acted hand in hand in the third film of the trilogy “The Expendables”, pulling off the same remarkable scenes. The director carefully placed a “tribute” teaser in the film, including Jason’s classic actions scenes from the movie “The Transporter”.

Jason Statham

As outstanding action actors, Jason Statham and Jet Li have maintained their own unique style. Jason has repeatedly mentioned, in several interviews, that Jet Li is his idol, and respect him very much whenever they are working together. Jason himself also possesses a likable tough guy charm, and with his outstanding acting with his bodybuilding figure makes him a Hollywood action movie figure.

The same humility and sincerity that Jason and Jet Li possess let them win a good reputation in different areas. We look forward that both of them have more future cooperation, as movies have sparks whenever they act together.

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