is a platform created by Jet Li to spread his passion for the potential of martial arts to cause positive changes in people’s lives, for people to share their dreams, and for everyone to be inspired to achieve their full potential.

So, for Jet’s birthday next week (2017/04/26), we want to collect birthday wishes from our readers and give you a chance to wish Jet Li a happy birthday and show our appreciation.

To thank you for your participation, the team in collaboration with Jet’s Taiji Zen organization will select 10 participants to receive a special thank you gift.

If you would like to participate and be eligible to win a special gift:

  1. Share a birthday wish as a video (up to 10 seconds) or a picture here
  2. Share this post on your Instagram or Twitter
  3. Tag us in your social media post, for instagram @jetlicom, twitter @jetli_com

That’s it! We will announce the winners here on and on our Twitter and Instagram on May 19th ! Remember to subscribe us to get more latest news from Good Luck!!!

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