AbdulRahman Pochana: Have you considered being part of a non-martial arts movie?

Jet Li: Actually I did a non-action movie before. It is hard for most of the audience to accept it. It is like you owned a dumpling restaurant, and a customer comes in for dumplings—but somehow you make pizza.

Most of the people will not be able to get used to it. We have to keep challenging ourselves, but somehow it’s hard to change an audience’s impression.

Please kindly check the non-action movie ” Ocean Heaven ” below:

Johnny Rock WaltersHi Jet Li. Did the character you played effect your true self?

Jet Li: In my perspective, for each character you need to do research on history, character background and environment to understand his philosophy.

I think it is not the character that changed my philosophy but most of the time we have our philosophy to interpret each role, and recreate the character.

It’s like that I’ve played heroic roles but I don’t consider myself a hero; I played a bad guy but I don’t think I’m a bad person too. To be an actor you have to take out your own character and understand the role either is a tough guy or a soft guy.

We have a common phrase:

As a madman you have to identify yourself with a character to be able to play a different role.

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