Hello fans! Thank you all for sending birthday wishes to Jet Li!

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Christopher Thompson

Birthday wishes. Happy birthday jet.

Liu Aileen

Wishing Jet Li Happy Birthday.


Wissam Jean Charles

I want to wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY JET LI. You are my inspiration and motivation to do wushu and i continue doing it. Bless you with good health and happiness and many birthdays to come. Sending love your way.

Ashwin Bachoo

Happy Birthday. Each birthday adds a fresh chapter to your life. It is the beginning of new endeavors. May the coming year bring along happiness and success for you because you are special. Happy Birthday.

jet li birthday wishes picture
jet li birthday wishes picture

Sheryll Tummon

Happy Birthday

jet li wishes
jet li birthday wishes picture

Monika S-r

jet li birthday wishes picture
jet li birthday wishes

Frank Sotzik

Happy birthday Jet Li. I hope you help people like martial arts all around the world. I like your action movies.

Tristan Tristan

Jetli , You are a great man, model and teacher to me.

Jet li is one of the great virtuous person who exists in this world. His work so beautifully able to touch the deepest conscience of all mankind from any race and any tribe all recognize your work is a great work for the world cultural heritage.

Happy birthday father of jetli, for me you are a teacher, examples and inspiration of my life to come. A great man and a show of kindness. I respect you and me. Disqus Comments

Steven Roy

Today week we will be celebrating the birthday of one of the finest martial artists in world cinematic history; Jet Li is one of the best examples of what the true spirit of Chinese martial arts can do to a person’s personality should that person command a real talent, wholehearted devotion and mind’s nobility to embrace and build on that spirit.

No one else, besides him, in martial arts history, both on and off screen, has ever managed to achieve such a refined as well as time-defying balance between the sheerly competitive artistry of Chinese kungfu, so aptly and flowingly showcased in his unique film fighting sequences.

And the deeper, purely philosophical dimension of employing martial arts spirit to drive across so successfully the message of global co-operation and unity; through fully exploiting and promoting the body-and-mind balance and serenity reflected in Chinese Kungfu, in order to spread the principle that this balance helps people strip themselves of all mean motives and practises and so live in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie, Jet Li has reached heights no one of his martial arts peers and great names in martial arts has managed to even approach .

I wholeheartedly wish this great champion of both martial arts and global charity as well as co-operation, to live to see his ultimate dream come true in the most glorious way. I also wish him and his lovely family always to tread ways bathed in the light of the kind of happiness, kindness and euphoria his acting as well as charity performance have offered so many people the world over.

Gail Kavanagh

Happy birthday, Jet Li, one of the finest minds and most compassionate of souls. You always inspire me to be a better person. I don’t need prizes or rewards for simple good wishes. Thank you for your insights. (Now I gotta go be a better grandma and take the boy to the skate park 🙂

jet li birthday wishes
jet li birthday wishes gif file
jet li birthday wishes gif

Happy birthday my favorite actor Li Lianjie

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HappyBirthday om jet li💕 #jetli

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JETLI!Happy Birthday♡ 李連杰 生日快乐! おめでとう😆💖 @jetli

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Twitter @jetli_com

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