Stanley Tam Trains Chinese Police and Military Units

For Stanley Tam, Jujitsu is not just a form of combat, it’s a way of life. While some martial arts receive fame for their style or flash, Brazilian Jujitsu is known the world over for brutal effectiveness. Brazilian Jujitsu has grown in popularity globally over the past decades, which military and police units frequently train in now.

These effective techniques allow smaller fighters to restrain or incapacitate larger opponents without excessive use of force. This grappling-based fighting style has started to spread far beyond its roots, Stan and other practitioners are helping it to now grow in China.

Stan currently teaches at Shanghai BJJ and is the official instructor for police, SWAT, and counter-terrorism units in China.

Watch the basics of Jujitsu with Stan and see how this effective style means more than just take-downs. It also builds confidence and provides life direction for those dedicated enough to learn.

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