The action hero throws a bad guy through a wall. In the next scene a soldier gets an arrow in the chest. We never bother to think about the stuntmen in the background, but Sam Looc’s story of personal triumph and his success as an action movie stuntman deserves center stage. 

Sam Looc came to the United States with his family when he was just two years old. His parents did their best with what they had. But just like many children of the diaspora, Sam often faced situations rife with struggle and conflict living between cultures. As a child, he always found himself in fights.

Until, ironically, Sam Looc discovered martial arts.

Training began for Sam at 15, when he encountered a man who would become his mentor working with other young men from similar backgrounds. Before training, Sam lacked the discipline necessary for martial arts, but through dedication and passion he soon excelled far beyond all those around him.

Eventually, Sam took his passion and physical prowess and devoted it to the work of being a stunt performer. From motorcycle crashes, to impossible jumps, to brutal combat, Sam can do it all. He approaches each stunt with the same passion and self-assurance that helped him rise from the streets of Oakland to movie sets in Hollywood. 

A dedicated father, you might forget Sam was the scrappy kid from humble beginnings that followed his passion and made it big. Watch Sam’s story to see how, with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

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