The great Bruce Lee reborn? No, he is Abbas Alizada

You see the signature haircut with thick sideburns and eyebrow-grazing fringe, the severe jaw line, the glinting eyes warm with intensity and focus, the superhuman definition of every muscle visible in a thin white tank top. You would be forgiven for believing you had seen a ghost made flesh.

But no, the great Bruce Lee is not reborn.

Instead, Abbas Alizada carries on his legacy through a total devotion to Bruce Lee and the inspirational life that he led. More than a fan, Alizada hopes to use Lee’s legacy to bring attention to the strength and grace of the people of Afghanistan, the home that Alizada loves so much.

The Jet Li team fell in love with Kabul through the lense of the camera and the perspective of this truly special person. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at:

kabul afghanistan bullet holes
A wall in Kabul is marked with evidence of the difficult past and the struggles of its people.
kid in kabul bruce lee
Working with Abbas Alizada was full of behind the scenes moments where we got to see the spirit of humility and joy that suffuses all his interactions.
Afghanistan Kung Fu kick
In the time that the Jet Li team spent with Abbas Alizada, we witnessed not only his physical strength, but also his inner fortitude, humility, and resolve to achieve his dreams.
Abbas Alizada Afghanistan Bruce Lee
Abbas Alizada is incredibly dedicated to promoting his message of culture and dignity for the people of Afghanistan.
Kabul Afghanistan war-torn buildings
In Kabul, the home of Abbas Alizada, our crew often wore hard hats and other protective wear when filming due to the dilapidated state of many of the structures.
Afghanistan child playing
In the hometown of Abbas Alizada, there are light moments, pride, and joy even if the rest of the world often hears only of the struggle of his people. Afghanistan's Bruce Lee wants more international viewers to see the beauty and dignity of his home and his countrymen.
young man afghanistan
While working on this project, the Jet Li team captured many moments of everyday life in the city that Abbas Alizada loves.
kids kabul
One of the most beautiful behind the scenes experiences for the Jet LI team was meeting the kinds of Kabul. These little guys were amazing!
Afghanistan Bruce Lee on Mountain
Abbas Alizada lives everyday with a fire in his belly to bring honor, dignity, and notoriety to his home and his people. His great inspiration is Bruce Lee and he feels a connection with the legacy of the beloved Kung Fu star that goes beyond fandom. He feels that Bruce Lee is his personal teacher and his life's role model.
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