Jet Li as Chinese Folk Hero Wong Fei Hung

Martial Arts Films

As a representative of the Chinese action film, martial arts films have always been exceptional. The style is different from traditional action films that completely rely on visual effects and fighting scenes to attract the audience. Martial arts films promote a kind of spirit of chivalry oriented in Confucianism, and its spiritual core is not usually present in most of action films.

In the golden age of Hong Kong cinema in the eighties and nineties, a large number of martial arts movies emerged, bringing part of this chivalry spirit into the world, and also letting people feel an unprecedented obsession with Kung Fu. “Wong Fei Hung” fully deserves to be the frontrunner on these martial arts films.

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Wong Fei Hung the Heroic National Figure

The success of “Wong Fei Hung” is not only appreciated in the subtle and flawless action scenes, but also in its motto “a national awakening to reach greatness through hard work”. Like the impression that Chen Zhen gave to the audience in “Fist of Legend“, Wong Fei Hung is not only a Wushu master, but also a heroic national figure.

As the popular saying, “the times produce their heroes”, Tsui Hark cleverly took the fate of a trivial person and connected it to a great age, and even though Wong Fei Hung couldn’t change the world by himself, but it felt like a dose of enthusiasm injected to a hopeless country, as an intention of awakening.

In a dark and chaotic era as in the late Qing dynasty, Wong Fei Hung is undoubtedly considered the symbol of the best memories of those times. He is a sort of spirit, moreover, the best manifestation of the masculinity spirit in China.

wong fei hung

In the old movie series of “Wong Fei Hung”, Jet Li starred in five. Jet Li, with his energetic skills and handsome looks, perfectly portrays Wong Fei Hung’s incredible Wushu style. He fully interprets the seriousness, disinterest, deep introversion and patriotism that Wong Fei-Hung owned. Enjoy the highlights of Jet Li’s Wong Fei Hung series.

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