Jet Li: The 10 Years Path Of One Foundation

Jet Li – Founder of One Foundation

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At the end of 2004, Jet Li was on holiday in The Maldives with his family. Without warning, giant waves were racing up the beach, and he could hardly reach for the hand of the nanny and his younger daughter who were almost drowning in the water. Luckily, four locals swam towards Jada and the nanny and brought them to safety.

This major natural disaster in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004, completely changed his life. He has since dedicated himself to help and contribute to the world by founding the One Foundation in April 2007.

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Mission of One Foundation

The mission of One Foundation is “Do my best, all for charity” (尽我所能,人人公益) which focuses on three categories: disaster relief, children’s welfare, and charity support & innovation. With a simple concept of a monthly donation of merely “One Yuan” per person, everyone can make a big difference. Within 10 years, it has benefitted more than 9 million people in China.

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During the 10 year anniversary Thanksgiving event of One Foundation, Jet Li said,

“I will never forget my vision of One Foundation. 1+1+1=1. The first “One” means we are all human; the second “One” means Earth is our home; the third “One” means everyone could contribute a little to make our home better I would like to appreciate everyone for their contributions over the past 10 years. I’ve made many movies in the past and I know how to make movies. I’m inexperienced in running a charity but with the help from all my friends, we can work together and make this happen. ”

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When asked about his thoughts of this 10 years, he only wanted to say “Thank You” and,

“From the first day I decided to join One Foundation as a volunteer, I’m ready to contribute my time and strength to do what is needed. ”

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