Hero in All of Us- Master Yi Chang

Wushu, or Kung Fu, is the modern variation of traditional Chinese martial arts. In this film, we meet Master Yi Chang. Master Yi Chang used to think of himself as just a Kung Fu practitioner, but now, this Kung Fu Master teaches kids.  First formalized in 1949, Wushu was an attempt to standardize combat. Since then it has grown into the International Wushu Federation, creating both a fighting style and a recreational sport. In China, it is one of the national sports. While Jet Li helped bring Wushu to the rest of the world, there are many practitioners globally–like Master Yi Chang.

For many of us, we first encountered Wushu in Kung Fu films, but there is more to this style than pure combat. There is a code of ethics and honor embedded in the style. Master Chang did not always plan to be a Wushu teacher but after some encouragement from friends he took it up.  For Master Chang, the first thing you need to learn in Wushu is how to bow, how to humble yourself—then comes the fighting.

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